Monday, May 4, 2015

Tiki Party!

Tiki Party!  // Loves Food, Loves to Eat #lovestotikiLet’s have a Mother’s Day TIKI PARTY! 

There are tons of Mother’s Day food blog posts and ideas out there, and the majority are all flowery and lavender colored, and filled with breakfast in bed and tea sandwiches. I’ll admit, I’m guilty of doing this in the past. But what about the badass moms!?
What about the moms like mine who would trade a croissant for gooey ribs any day of the week? Who would much rather have a leftover slice of pizza for breakfast than a scone? What about the ladies who love hoppy beer and Tarantino flicks, or the ones who are far more comfortable in a pair of sweats in front of a baseball game than in a flowery silk scarf at a garden party?

Tiki Party!  // Loves Food, Loves to Eat #lovestotiki When I was growing up, my dad was the one who loved flowers, beautiful fruit tarts, and waffles. My mom appreciated those things, sure, who doesn’t, but the quickest way to her heart was a plate of enchiladas. If I was throwing my mom her ideal Mom’s day feast, it would for sure include Mexican food and tequila shots with lots of 70s rock. But since the internetz have been filled with Mexican food for Cinco de Mayo, and I just blogged about these amazing chilaquiles, I wanted to share a different kind of Mother’s Day feast. Even though it’s not a fiesta, this is a party my ma would love a whole lot more than your typical mom’s day champagne brunch…  a TIKI PARTY! 

Tiki Party!  // Loves Food, Loves to Eat #lovestotiki Why a tiki party? Well, for starters, Amanda went to a tiki bar in on a work trip to Chicago a few weeks ago, and for some reason her photos sent me down a very serious tiki rabbit hole that had me purchasing several bottles of rum and reading up on the history of faux-Polynesian tiki culture, which was in full swing in the US from 30s through the 70s. And secondly, I happen to know that my mom loves a good tropical cocktail and retro tiki snack! Not gonna lie, we ate our fair share of rumaki growing up! 

Tiki Party!  // Loves Food, Loves to Eat #lovestotiki I have a few fun tiki recipes to share with you, so you can throw your badass mom a super rad and retro Mother’s Day party! Since tomorrow’s Cinco de Mayo, we’ll skip a day, and our first recipe will be up Wednesday. Here’s what you have to look forward to:

Three Dots and a Dash Cocktail
Coconut Shrimp Rangoon
Frozen Key Lime Pie Cups

And, here a couple of recipes from the archives that you should include in your tiki party:
Fried Chicken Musubi
Hawaiian Style Sliders
Coconut Pineapple "Shave Ice" Sundae

And, if you still need a little more inspiration, here's a quick look at my Tahitian vacation from a few years ago (where I got this cute little tiki guy, below). 

Tiki Party!  // Loves Food, Loves to Eat #lovestotiki IT’S TIKI TIME! 
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