I'm Amber. I cook this food, take these photos, and write this blog. I live in Seattle with my hotsauce-loving husband Evan, and my old-lady cat, Biscuit. 

Loves Food, Loves to Eat
I started Loves Food, Loves to Eat in 2009, as a way to share my thoughts and ideas and passion for all things food.

I've always had an intense relationship with food (not in a creepy way...ok, maybe a little creepy). While some eat to survive, or eat just to eat, I live to eat. Each flavor, every little morsel, every layer and ingredient makes me excited to be alive, excited to share delicious moments with people I love. After years of cooking and eating, rolls of food-photo-film, daily emails and conversations about menus, a few x-rated dreams about Anthony Bourdain, and two jobless weeks of watching Food Network and reading food blogs for hours, it hit me like the first time I tasted truffle oil- nearly knocking me off my feet... OF COURSE...I'll start MY OWN food blog! Alas, Loves Food, Loves to Eat was born.

I hope you enjoy reading what I have to write, and eating what I love to eat.
Enjoy and happy eatings!


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