Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tortas with Chorizo Scrambled Eggs

Cinco de Mayo is on Sunday, which means you should make Cinco de Mayo brunch. You'll probably wake up hungover on Sunday anyway, a bit hazy from all those margaritas and Coronas the night before. And tequila shots. 

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I'm here for you. I've got your back. And I've got tortas! You're in luck, because the best thing for a hangover is Mexican food. And bread, to soak up all that booze. A torta—a Mexican sandwich—is the best of both worlds. Basically a burrito, in bready sandwich form. 

You gotta start out with the bread. If you can find bolillo or telera rolls, use those. If not, you can use soft-ish French rolls, like I did. You can press the whole sandwich, panini style, but I like to just grill or toast the bread instead. 

Since this is a breakfast torta, we're using eggs. Eggs that are scrambled with chorizo (the raw ground kind, not the smoked link kind). That's all this is. Cook the chorizo, add the eggs, scramble it up. You also have to add beans. That's really what makes this a torta, in my opinion. I like refried black beans, with a splash of vinegar for some zing. You can buy the canned kind, or make your own. 

To balance out the rich beans, eggs, and chorizo, you need something fresh. Tomatoes and cilantro. You also need avocado. Because, well, it's avocado. You just need it. 

I like to add a little creamy kick with spicy mayo. This is just a bit of mayo and sour cream, mixed with hot sauce. You can use whatever hot sauce you're into right now. I went with Tapatio, it has a good flavor for Mexican food. 

Oh yeah. I almost forgot about the cheese! Use any cheese you want. I like to melt a little shredded cheddar and jack in with the eggs, and then add some crumbled cotija to the sandwich. If you're going panini-press style, you could use slices of cheese so that it gets all melty and holds everything together. 

To assemble, just layer it on! Spicy mayo and beans go directly on the bread, followed up the chorizo scrambled eggs, cilantro, tomatoes, avocado and cheese. It's so good you could almost go for another round of PatrĂ³n. Or not. 

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