Sunday, May 15, 2011

So Fresh, Totally Radish

The sun is shining at least once a week, I’m going on a swimsuit vacation in a month, I have a few big runs coming up this summer, and in September, I need to fit in a bridesmaid dress for my friend Tasha’s wedding. Therefore, I’m trying to snack healthier.

Of course, for me, that still includes chewy, carbie bread, and creamy, fattening butter. Baguette slices with crunchy radishes, thinly spread butter, and a sprinkle of sea salt are at least healthier than baguette slices overloaded with brie and cured meat, and definitely healthier than chips with salsa, sour cream, and guac, right? Right? Well, I’ll keep telling myself that, so that I can feel good about eating one of my favorite Sunday afternoon snacks.

Healthy or not, at least it’s local, with bread from the bakery at the end of my block, and spicy, fresh radishes from the Farmer’s Market. Pair that with flaky maldon sea salt and good quality butter—you could even make your own butter—and you’re gonna feel pretty good about yourself—swimsuit and all.  

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