Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Blog!

It’s Loves Food, Loves to Eat’s second birthday! This ol’ gal is a toddler now—two years old (but hopefully a lot less terrible with each new post).

A lot can happen in two years, and with this little site, I was able to document little changes and big changes, and everything else in between. Since starting Loves Food, Loves to Eat, I ran my first half marathon, went to Europe for the first time, roasted my first chicken, travelled to paradise, and… by far the craziest thing to happen in the last two years… I became obsessed with eggs!

You may remember a little post I did in June of ’09, about the dish that made me like eggs. At that point, nearly two years ago (just after starting this blog), that was pretty much the only egg dish I could swallow. Now, two years and 155 posts later, I cook, take pictures of, eat, and write about eggs more than almost any other food.

So, on her 2nd birthday, here's to Loves Food, Loves to Eat, and her lovely muse: the incredible, edible egg. Move over birthday cake!

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