Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Get to Work!

My two months of freedom have been grand, but it’s time to get to work. I’m headed back to work, the nine-to-five grind, working for ‘the man’ in hi-tech marketing. Bear with me for the next few weeks, it might take me awhile to get back into the swing of things and find equal time for blogging and cooking (not mention spending 'quality time' with my little darling, Biscuit) while I get my work schedule back on track and in a routine (wait, you mean I can't bake a cake at 2 in the afternoon on a Wednesday anymore!?). While my postings may slow down for a couple of weeks, have no fear- as long as I’m still eating, I’ll still be writing.

Even as I go back to work, I have no doubt that Loves Food, Loves to Eat will continue to thrive, and not just for the mere fact that I love food and love to eat. Deliciousness aside, this blog got me goin' when I was down, and has kept me going since. Only a couple years out of college, and in my first career job, I found that I was getting bored. Not that I wasn’t happy, but everyone needs something for themselves. Something that helps them wind down at the end of the day or gives them something extra to look forward to. A hobby, if you will. Evan looks forward to ‘geeking out on dork stuff’ (his words), Amanda hits the gym, Brit makes jewelry and other miscellaneous arts and crafts… what did I do? I used to do a lot of artwork and creative writing, and of course I love to cook and eat, but I found myself in a routine of work, hang out with friends, work, hang out with boyfriend, work, work, work. Getting laid off gave me the spare time I needed to find something for myself. I started running (which is a good thing considering all the eating I've been doing!) and I’m doing a kind-of-a-big-deal relay race at the end of the month. And, as you know, I started this little diddy-Loves Food, Loves to Eat.

Writing a food blog does a funny thing to a girl. I used to live to eat, now I find that I eat to blog! I’m sure you could do some sort of math or reasoning to arrive at the conclusion that I therefore live to blog. Regardless, I can’t wait to cook new recipes, create new creations, eat delicious meals, and visit exciting restaurants so that I can blog about them. Not to say that I stopped being obsessed with eating for the simple pleasure of tasting great food... quite the opposite in fact! Now I get even more pleasure out of food and eating because I get to share it with all of you. It’s like having my cake and eating it too… literally. Back when I was searching for a hobby (searching for a hobby doesn’t work, by the way... how silly of me), I took a few yoga classes, thinking maybe that would be my ‘thing.’ It wasn’t. However, I did take something away from it… a few good moves, and some words of wisdom the yoga instructor said. She told us that if it was important to us, and if we wanted ‘yoga in our lives’ it would come to us. Sure, it’s a little cheesy and far fetched, but I think she was right. Yoga didn’t come to me, but since starting my blog, some amazing foodie experiences have just sort of popped up, as you’ve read in all of my previous posts.

It could just be that I’ve started to notice and reflect on my food-related experiences or that more things happen because I’m looking for them, but either way… Loves Food, Loves to Eat has become my ‘thing,’ and it’s not going away anytime soon. So that being said, posts may slow down a tad in the beginning, and I may get a little behind (I actually have about 3 posts backed up). But don't go anywhere, because I'm still here...and I'm still hungry!
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