Friday, October 28, 2016

Halloween Weekend Things!

This crow keeps trying to get in my window at work... Happy Halloween weekend! I’ve got some Halloween bits and bobs for you, below! I hope everyone’s planning to do something fun and spooky involving costumes and candy. I’m hosting a little get together. The theme? Your favorite 90s sitcom…complete with 90s potluck food! Obviously I’m dressing up as the queen of 90s sitcoms, Roseanne. And I’m trying to convince Evan to go as her sister Jackie. BTW—one time I met Roseanne in a lobby in Vegas, and shouted out “I’M YOUR BIGGEST FAN!” and got my photo with her. NBD.

Speaking of dressing up, below are some of my faves from recent years. There’s the time we went as the Addams Family—I was Wednesday, Evan was a killer Morticia, my sister was Pugsley, and her husband Pete was Gomez. We won a prize! There’s also the time I was Wayne and Amanda was Garth and I was incredibly comfortable all night in dude’s jeans, chucks, and a basic tshirt. And then there was the year Evan dressed as Fantastic Mr. Fox, Pete was a Deadliest Catch guy, Amanda was the most freakin amazing Beetlejuice ever (I mean seriously… look at that… she’s a cute girl you guys!), and I was the girl from the Ring. I even made a little cardboard TV to climb out of all night! And, once again, I was super cozy and warm all night in that nightgown!

In celebration of Halloween, Bev shared some ghost stories on her blog today! So, here’s (one of) mine: In college, I lived in a big, old, falling down house in the heart of Greek Row, with 5 other girls (we weren’t part of the Greek system, but our location meant we had access to great parties and also threw great parties… like, epic parties). Anyway, our house had 3 floors—V & Tasha lived in the creepy ass basement that flooded often, was full of spiders and mold, and had a random storage room that was scary AF that we never went in (that basement is basically a scary story in itself). The main floor had the living room, etc, and upstairs, Bree and I had the two smaller rooms facing the frat behind us, and Kristy and Andrea had the two bigger rooms facing the street (also, there was a creepy crawl space attic that we never explored, but we had a theory that our slumlord lived up there). So one night, Andrea and V were out of town, and Tasha was fast asleep down in the dungeon. Which left Kristy, Bree, and me upstairs. We all said goodnight, closed our doors, and seconds later, heard the TV in the living room turn on. Obviously we all had a WTF moment, but since we did have downstairs roomies, we thought maybe? So we tiptoed out of our rooms, to the top of the landing and hollered down. No response. A few minutes later, the TV shut off. We were a little freaked out, but started retreating to our rooms again, WHEN THE TV TURNED ON AGAIN. At this point we were freaked the fuck out, so we ran into Kristy’s room, locked the door, and called the cops. When they arrived, we threw a key out the window to them, and they came in and searched the house. THEY FOUND NOTHING. And they seemed super annoyed at us. So after they left, we were too scared to go back to our separate rooms, so the three of us huddled up in Kristy’s bed with the bedroom door locked, and ended up having a weird, on-edge, hilarious night coming up with some of our best comedic material to date. You know who didn’t have a hilarious night? Tasha! We totally forgot about her asleep in the basement, and didn’t even realize until the next day when she very angrily told us about her night… which involved getting woken up to a cop shining a flashlight in her face and yelling “DO YOU LIVE HERE?!”

The TV turned on again, late late at night, a few more times (we seriously checked everything… no timers were on, etc), and we’re pretty certain the house was haunted. SWEET DREAMS YOU GUYS. Also, sorry Tasha!

Loves Food Loves to Eat \\ Popcorn Balls! And finally, in the less scary/more delicious category, here are some fun Halloween snackies for you to make this weekend!
Happy Halloween!! 
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