Sunday, April 13, 2014

Egg Salad No. 1

Deconstructed Egg Salad // Loves Food, Loves to Eat
This is the time of year where all my online feeds fill up with egg salad sandwiches. Which I hate. Well, used to hate.

Deconstructed Egg Salad // Loves Food, Loves to Eat I’ve mentioned here before that my whole life I had a major hate-hate relationship with eggs, until about five years ago. Now it’s sort of love-hate. I eat a ton of eggs. Love ‘em over medium, baked, scrambled, and sometimes even hardboiled. But I still have a few weird leftover hang-ups from my egg hating days. Like, I don’t want to eat eggs that other people prepare. And I don’t like watching other people eat eggs. And until this week, I hated egg salad sandwiches.

Deconstructed Egg Salad // Loves Food, Loves to Eat My egg salad memories from childhood are squishy and smelly. Amanda loved the things, and would really disgustingly eat them in front of me since she knew it grossed me out. Since egg salad is all over the place around Easter, I started a little convo about it on Facebook. And, kind of to my surprise, it turned out that everyone loves egg salad sandwiches.

Deconstructed Egg Salad // Loves Food, Loves to Eat You guys also told me on the 'book that you like dill and green olives in your egg salad. I decided to work with that. But I was still a little nervous, picturing a smelly, mushy mound of squishy egg salad, so I decided to go the deconstructed route: baguette slices with tangy green olive and mustard tapenade, micro greens, sliced hard-boiled eggs, and dilly mayo. 

Deconstructed Egg Salad // Loves Food, Loves to Eat GUYS! This is actually good. Really good! Hey egg salad, I’m not afraid of you anymore! You hear that? I’m not afraid of you! Sorry, quick Home Alone tangent. Anyway, my first foray into egg salad gave me enough courage to try a mixed up version… today you get deconstructed, and later we’re doing a little somethin’ somethin’ with everyone’s favorite bright red hot sauce. Stay tuned for that one!

Deconstructed Egg Salad // Loves Food, Loves to Eat Deconstructed Egg Salad Sandwiches

1/2 cup mayo 
2 tablespoons fresh dill
Sea salt
1.5 cups green olives
2 teaspoons grainy dijon mustard
Hardboiled eggs
Baguette slices
Micro greens (I like the Trader Joe's micro greens, but sprouts or spring greens work too)
Dill fronds
Sliced chives
Salt & pepper

Add mayo, dill, and a pinch of salt to blender, and blend until combined. Taste, and add more dill or salt as needed. Scoop into a dish. Once blender is thoroughly scraped out, add olives and mustard, and blend until combined and chunky, but not totally pureed. Scoop into a separate dish. 

For each baguette slice, spread a bit of the mustard tapenade, add a handful of micro greens, sprouts, or other greens, a layer of thinly sliced hard boiled eggs, a pinch of salt and pepper, a drizzle of the mayo (I add mine to a ziplock baggie with the corner cut out to pipe), chives, and a bit of fresh dill. Make as many as your heart desires! 
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