Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tuna & White Bean Salad with Tomatoes & Kalamata Olives

 Loves Food, Loves to Eat: Tuna & White Bean Salad
It's that time of year when I just can't seem to find a second to catch my breath. Birthdays, happy hours, work events, and softball games. Sunny sun time, graduations, trips, visitors, outdoor runs. I love being busy and doing so many fun things with so many great people, but sometimes a girl just needs to sit at home and eat a salad. Know what I mean?

Loves Food, Loves to Eat: Tuna & White Bean Salad

Last week I ate out, bar food and restaurant food, every single night. By Friday I was pretty much dying for some fresh vegetables, and something homemade. There's just something about putting simple, fresh ingredients together in your own kitchen, and sitting on your own couch, in front of new streaming episodes of your favorite guilty pleasure (um, Pretty Little Liars… don't judge) that just feels so right. 

Loves Food, Loves to Eat: Tuna & White Bean Salad
This salad is awesome for those times when you desperately need to make something at home, but also have very little time to actually make something. A handful of cherry tomatoes and kalamata olives, peppery fresh arugula, salty capers, white beans, and good quality tuna. There's very little chopping involved. You don't even have to halve the toms and olives if you're really pressed for time. Some quick can opening and tossing, and you can be you again. It's that simple.

Loves Food, Loves to Eat: Tuna & White Bean Salad
Tuna & White Bean Salad

1 can white beans, drained and rinsed
1 can good quality tuna (bonus points for smoked!), drained
1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved
1/2 cup kalamata olives, pitted and halved
1 tablespoon capers
2-3 big handfuls arugula
Juice from 1 lemon
Drizzle of extra virgin olive oil
Salt & pepper to taste

Combine beans, tuna, tomatoes, olives, and capers in a large bowl. Add lemon juice, just a drizzle of olive oil, s&p to taste. Toss together, gently breaking up the tuna. Toss in the arugula, or serve on a bed of arugula. 

Loves Food, Loves to Eat: Tuna & White Bean Salad
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