Monday, March 12, 2012

Irish Coffee Stout Floats with Whiskey Whip

This is probably the only St. Patrick's post you'll see from me. There are a few reasons for that. The first, and probably biggest reason, is that I won't even be here for the big day. I'll be on vacation, in sunny, warm Central-America. I'll be eating beans, plantains, and tortillas. And drinking something tropical and fruity. I do have a green bikini though, just in case someone wants to get pinch-happy. 

Another reason is that the ol' classic—corned beef, potatoes, and cabbage—doesn't really require a recipe from me. I mean, call your mom people. Or someone's mom. Hell, call my mom. I don't know how moms always know these things, but I swear every single mom knows how to make corned beef and cabbage. Even the least domestic moms I know, can probably tell you how to make it. It's like having a baby sets off some kind of dormant instinct for knowing how to make classic dishes like pot roast, meatloaf, and corned beef…and for being able to count age by months.

Another reason I'm not posting random Guinness-themed meat pies and such is that the very best St. Patrick's day recipe has already been created. You can find it here. You must make it. Or I'll pinch you. Since we won't be here, Amanda and I are going to make it for Easter this year. It's seriously that good. I'm not even trying to reinvent the wheel on this one. 

So anyway, that leads us to stout floats. I know. Everyone makes stout floats, right? But does everyone use coffee ice cream and whiskey maple whip, leading to an awesomely Irish Cream/Irish Coffee flavored float? Probably not. And regardless, stout floats are one of my favorite St. Paddy's desserts. They're super simple, easy to serve to a crowd, and no matter how common they are, a stout float always seems to impress. I also like that the beer really shines through—versus stout cakes and the like, where the beer is in there, but you can't really, actually taste it…or feel it. 

Coffee Stout Floats with Whiskey Maple Whip

1/ 2 pint whipping cream 
1 tablespoon Irish whiskey
1 tablespoon pure maple syrup
1 tablespoon sugar
Splash of vanilla
Stout beer (try something fun like oatmeal or chocolate stout, or go for the standard Guinness)
Coffee ice cream
Cocoa powder or shaved chocolate, for garnish

Whisk together whiskey, sugar, syrup, and vanilla, set aside. Whip the cream until just thickened, and add whiskey mix. Continue whipping until desired thickness. Taste and add more whiskey, etc, as needed. In each glass, add 2-3 scoops coffee ice cream. Fill glass about half way with stout, and top with whip and cocoa or chocolate. Consume, dance a jig, repeat. 

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