Monday, July 11, 2011

Beach House Baby Shower

Sunday was beautiful and sunny, the perfect day for my friend Brit’s baby shower at her family’s beach house. Amanda hosted a celebration that could rival Martha—creating the perfect pretty-in-pink party in anticipation of baby Solie.

We lounged by the sand and surf, sipped on pink lemonade and champagne (well, I sipped on champagne, the mommy(s) to be stuck to the lemonade) and colored letters of the alphabet for the baby’s first alphabet book.

While we competitively resisted the urge to say “baby,” we noshed on vanilla-raspberry cake, strawberries with rosewater whipped cream, marshmallows coated with pink chocolate, golden Oreo bon-bons with shimmery pink sprinkles, cheese and crackers, and meatballs (a nod to the little soon-to-be meatball).

We didn’t, however, play games where you guess the mom-to-be’s weight, or taste something out of a diaper. I mean really, who does that? 
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