Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Eggs are better with cumin seeds! There I said it, whew. I’ve been thinking it for awhile, but hadn’t cooked up something pretty enough using the combo to share with you. But I just can’t sit on this any longer. This hen has got to get off the nest, because you need to know the truth. You need to add cumin seeds to your eggs. Now.

I’m surprised I didn’t think of it myself, because I cook a lot of eggs (which is crazy, since I hated eggs up until a few years ago), and I love cumin. But alas, I’m not the genius behind the egg-cumin love match. This gal is. Shayma on Food 52 posted a recipe for 'Khagina': Aromatic Scrambled Eggs the Afghani / Pakistani way. I’ll admit it, I’ve never actually made the full recipe. But I have used the recipe’s technique for toasting cumin seeds in butter and sautéed onions, until amazingly aromatic, before adding eggs to the skillet. O.M.G. Seriously… I sort of can’t imagine scrambling eggs without cumin from here on out. Eggs without cumin? Get outta here! Seriously, get out of here, get some eggs and cumin, and get busy.

Eventually, when all the stars align and I magically have all the ingredients for khagina, I’ll make the dish that started it all. But until then, I’ll be satisfied with a little toasted cumin in any (and every) scrambled egg I make.

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