Monday, February 22, 2010


You may start noticing some changes around here. Luckily, my line of work gives me access to friends with mad-computer skills… especially in the design and development arena. And even more lucky for me, these friends like to eat, and are willing to work for food. Brian has been helping me with HTML, and as you may notice, my posts are wider! And my pictures are bigger! And… stay tuned, because there’s more to come! I started out with something pretty basic—a few pictures of food and some stories and a basic blogger template. I think I’m ready to take these individual ingredients, mix them together, and transform them into something delicious. Just like in cooking. Just like I did with my chocolate rum sauce.

As you know, I whipped up the rich chocolaty sauce to accompany my Valentine’s coconut bread pudding. In its first iteration, the sauce was like a boozy chocolate syrup. Straight out of the sauce pan it was hot, velvety, and smooth, dripping down the sides of the dessert and seeping into the custardy goodness for the perfect gooey coconut-meets-chocolate sensation.

And, while I can’t ever seem to make enough dinner for lunch leftovers the next day, I’m doing a fantastic job at making enough dessert to last an entire week. After pooling the chocolaty liquid on top of the remaining dish of bread pudding, I still I had about a cup of sauce that I poured into a container and stashed in the fridge for later use. After chilling for 24 hours, the sauce firmed up, transforming into a rich, fluffy, chocolaty mousse—which I proceeded to eat by the spoonful after work every day, in a state of utter bliss.

The other night at Amanda’s, the chocolate rum sauce once again transformed. We let it sit at room temperature and then whisked it until it was a creamy, thick, fudgey sauce. What better to do with such a delight than ice cream sundaes? Bananas foster ice cream sundaes! Amanda mashed up a couple bananas and heated them on the stovetop with some butter, brown sugar, vanilla, and a splash of kahlua, which we spooned over vanilla bean ice cream and topped with the creamy chocolate ganache.

Change is a good thing.

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