Thursday, April 24, 2014

Peanut Butter Date Shakes

Peanut Butter Date Shakes// Loves Food, Loves to Eat
I feel like I've been really boring on here lately. I'm sorry! I've made and eaten plenty of tasty things this month, but most of them are quick little salads, soups, or thrown together bowl-meals, none of which are particularly blog worthy. 

Peanut Butter Date Shakes// Loves Food, Loves to Eat
I do have some more donuts to share with you soon, but I need to make them again for photos… and I have a cold (seriously!? As if I wasn't already sick for the first two months of the year…). I don't want to germ-up a bunch of donuts that other people are going to eat, and I certainly don't need 12 amazingly delicious donuts sitting around my house. I will eat every single one. Donut will power is not a thing. It doesn't exist. So, I want to be sure I can safely share with friends before I make them again. Because coconut. And ginger glaze. See what I'm saying about will power? 

Peanut Butter Date Shakes// Loves Food, Loves to Eat In addition to quick little dinners, I've been using my Vitamix like crazy. I know they're expensive, but guys… I'm telling you… life changing! I used to make smoothies like once a month. My old blender sucked so bad, it took forever to blend everything up, and was just an all-around pain in the ass to use. So I saved up my credit card points, and used them to get a Vitamix. Now I blend things almost daily! Sometimes twice daily. Even thrice daily, on occasion. Fruit & veggie smoothies, creamy soups, nut milks and butters, hummus, bean dip, sauces. All thing things. I highly recommend a high-powered blender (for a more affordable option, my parents have a Ninja, and love it). 

Peanut Butter Date Shakes// Loves Food, Loves to Eat My favorite treat lately has been this peanut butter date shake. It tastes milkshakey, but is full of good for you stuff like peanut butter, banana, almond milk, dates, and oats. I won't lie and say this is a low calorie shake, because it's not. But everything in it is natural and healthy-like, and it's a major protein boost. It's quick and easy to make, so perfect before early morning workouts. Just kidding… I don't work out in the mornings, who do you think I am? I wish I was a morning person, but no matter how hard I try, it just doesn't happen. I'm pretty sure my REM sleep kicks in at 8AM. So instead I have this shake as an afternoon snack, dessert, or late-morning breakfast.  

Peanut Butter Date Shakes// Loves Food, Loves to Eat
Peanut Butter Date Shake
Makes 1 big shake, 2 small ones

3 pitted dates (I used the large medjool dates. If you like it less sweet, start with 2, and the 3rd as needed)
1 banana (the riper it is, the more you'll taste it--I go for less ripe)
2 tablespoons peanut butter
1/4 cup rolled oats
1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk (plus more if needed)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
Pinch of cinnamon
Pinch of salt
1 overflowing cup of ice

Depending on your blender, you may need longer blending times. I add everything except the ice to the blender, and blend until it's all smooth (the dates take awhile). Then, since the long blending time has likely warmed up the mixture, I add my ice last, and blend until smooth. Taste test as you go. Add more peanut butter or vanilla if you want, or more almond milk if you like a runnier shake. Sometimes I also add toasted coconut!

Note: This post is in no way affiliated with Vitamix, I just happen to be obsessed with mine, and all opinions are my own. 

Peanut Butter Date Shakes// Loves Food, Loves to Eat
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