Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dinner & Movie: Creamy Mac n Cheese

“Bless this highly nutritious microwavable macaroni and cheese dinner and the people who sold it on sale. Amen.” - Kevin McCallister

Guys, Christmas is just around the corner, and it wouldn’t be the holidays without Home Alone. I happen to think Home Alone is the greatest holiday movie of all time, and potentially one of the greatest anytime movies of all time. It’s super quotable, has a killer soundtrack, fills you with warm holiday fuzzies, and helped an entire generation plan out how to protect their homes in the event of a burglary. Safety first. Amanda and I recently got together for our annual Home Alone viewing, and made a big pot of creamy Mac n Cheese for the event.

Dinner & Movie: Creamy Mac n Cheese & Home Alone Its dinner & a movie: Holiday Style!

The Movie: Home Alone
Look what you did, you little jerk! Home Alone! The McCallister family heads to Paris for Christmas, and they accidentally leave 8-year old Kevin (an adorably tiny Macaulay Culkin) home alone. WE FORGOT KEVIN! Meanwhile, two crooks, the Wet Bandits, have big plans for the McCallister’s giant mansion-like house. Kevin comes up with a genius plot to foil the bad guys, and hilarity ensues. The little Nero’s pizza guy runs off in fear from Snakes and Johnny (Acey says 10 percent…), John Candy does the polka, Uncle Frank tries to steal the silverware and champagne glasses from the airplane, Kevin gets a good look at Buzz’s girlfriend (woof!), some totally great classic holiday tunes play, the old guy turns out to not be the shovel slayer after all, and in the end, the whole family is reunited on Christmas morning. Holiday classic! 

The Dinner: Creamy Mac n Cheese
There are a few potential meals you could serve with Home Alone. Pizza might be the obvious choice, since the Little Nero’s pizza guy makes a couple appearances, and Buzz eating all the cheese pizza in the beginning really sets off the chain of events that follow. But, remember that scene right before the Wet Bandits arrive for the final show-down? Kevin sits down (at a candle-lit table) to a bowl of microwaveable Kraft mac n cheese, and says a little thanks for the meal (see quote above). But then the clock chimes, and he doesn’t even get to take a bite. I always felt bad that the mac just sat there getting cold. Did he go back and eat it afterward? Maybe if he had a big pot of creamy, homemade mac n cheese he would have.

Dinner & Movie: Creamy Mac n Cheese & Home Alone This recipe comes from Joy the Baker, and is simple, creamy, and rich… everything a good bowl of Mac n Cheese should be. So, head on over to Joy the Baker, whip up some mac n’ cheese, and get ready to rock around the Christmas tree: it’s time for dinner & a movie!

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