Sunday, February 17, 2013

White Chocolate Caramel Sauce

Guys, it's been a big few days. Evan and I bought a new car, I got a bike, we got a new chair for our living room, we're almost caught up on Downton Abbey, and I discovered the amazingness of caramelized white chocolate. CARAMELIZED WHITE CHOCOLATE. 

You see that glorious golden caramel there? That, my friends, is white chocolate. Seriously! All that's in there is white chocolate, sea salt, and a little bit of heavy cream. 

I've never been a white chocolate fan. Quite the opposite. I've always steered clear of the stuff. But, holy bajolie. Throw it in the oven and slow roast it to a golden brown, and sprinkle with sea salt. It's insane, people. Like, the only words I can think of to describe how stoked I am about it are gibberish. I can hardly even form a sentence I'm so excited. Or, maybe thats from all the sugar I've eaten? 

I followed this recipe from Food52 exactly. The first couple days after I made it, I just broke off a chunk of the hardened caramelized chocolate, and ate it straight up. To make a sauce, I added what I had left (about a half cup of caramelized white chocolate) to a sauce pan, heated over medium until it loosened up just a tad, added about 2 tablespoons heavy cream, and whisked over medium heat until it was the consistency I wanted. 

Did you know this was a thing!? How did I not know?? It's out of control good. It's "I think I just gained 5 pounds" good. It's "stop reading and go make it right this second" good. Seriously... do that. 

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