Tuesday, December 18, 2012

San Francisco

On Friday morning, Evan and I got off the plane in San Francisco (my first time there!), hopped on the BART, and plugged ourselves back in to Facebook, Twitter, and email. That's when we discovered that during the short time we were up in the air, something horrible, so so terrible, had happened. It seems silly to write about holiday cookies or post stories about eggnog so shortly after such a tragedy. Some of my favorite food bloggers and writers have expressed their feelings so amazingly—I think we all feel a little unsure about whether or not it's ok to move on, to write new blog posts or retweet recipes. A lot of people don't get to just move on. So, maybe it's too soon for a rum ball post, and it's definitely too soon for this country to stop mourning, but it's exactly the right time to grab everyone you love and hold them closer than ever. To celebrate life and the people around us—parents, friends, sisters, brothers,  teachers, little ones. 

That's what Evan and I did all weekend. We visited with old friends, shared delicious food, and spent every spare moment with our little nephew, that baby we're both so in love with and obsessed with, even after only 7 short months and 2 quick visits. 

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