Monday, August 27, 2012

Shrimp Boil + Other Fun

It was a weird weekend. A really weird mix of classy and well, the opposite of that. 

Case in point #1: The White Party. 
On Friday, Evan and I dressed in our pre-labor day best, nothing but white head to toe, and met up with four other couples for a local winery's annual summer white party. It all started out super classy. Cocktails and high heels (like, the highest heels I own), champagne and a limo. We really went for it. Then things got a little crazy. The winery party was out in nature. Like, on a giant gravel hill. Have you ever tried to walk on a giant gravel hill, when you've had several glasses (bottles!?) of wine!? It's not pretty, friends. I hate to say it, but this girl did not fare well. Neither did 95% of women there (damn those few with flip flops!). We watched girls fall in the gravel and roll down the hill. It was around that time that someone mentioned that we're a lot closer to 30 than 20. Far too old to behave that way. Or, maybe no one should behave that way? Regardless, it was a night to remember. Or not. See, classy turned upside down (literally) real quick-like. 

Case in point #2: The BBQ Joint.
So, Saturday night, after a full day of recovery (I read an entire book on Saturday… Gillian Flynn, what up!), we decided to hit up the new whiskey bar/BBQ spot in my neighborhood. BBQ is burley food, people. Beans and ribs and giant messy, saucy piles of pork. BBQ is not shimmery skin-tight mini dresses and valet parking. What!? Seriously, Ballard is not skin-tight mini dresses and valet parking. Ballard is jeans and farmers markets and couples in their 30s with a dog and a Subaru. What is happening here!? I feel like I maybe entered a worm hole. (Is that what it's called, a worm hole?) You may see me tumbling down a gravel hill in 5 inch heels, but you will never see me eating BBQ in a sequined spandex dress. I have standards!

Case in point #3: The Shrimp Boil.
Now, I don't think a shrimp boil is anything but amazing. But I mean, it's down home (down south?), messy, eat-with-your-hands food. Throw it all on the table and dig in type food. Wear a bib type food, even. But today I made Evan watch me throw together a shrimp boil (actually, I had him do most of the work), so that he could learn it as his own fancy signature dish. I told him it's really easy (it is!) and that it's the kind of meal that impresses people, you know, the classy kind. I seriously can't decide if I think a shrimp boil is totally super classy, or the opposite of that. All I know is it's easy, and delicious. I mostly followed Bev's instructions for the shrimp boil, but just kinda threw stuff in without measuring (including some Old Bay). I also added lemon juice to the dipping sauce, which I would recommend. Spicy shrimp, corn-on-the-cob, red potatoes, and smoky sausage, dumped out on a table and eaten with your hands…all while wearing yoga pants and the flattest shoes you can find. My kind of food! 

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