Sunday, July 15, 2012

Strawberry Ice Cream + Summer Sweets Poll

What's your favorite sweet summer treat? You vote, and I'll make the winner, take pictures of it, and post it right here for you to enjoy. Check out the poll to the right! 

And, in the meantime, you can cool off with some homemade strawberry ice cream!

Egg-free Strawberry Ice Cream

While I love the creamy richness of a custard (egg-based) ice cream, I love the simplicity and spontenaity of an eggless ice cream, one that you can throw together at the drop of a hat, with minimal prep or planning. With how crazy-busy my summers are, these kind of recipes are a must. You can't taste the balsamic vinegar, but it brings out a great tangy-tart flavor in the berries, which goes perfect with the sweet, sugary vanilla cream. 

(ice cream maker required) 

1.5-2 pints strawberries
1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
3/4 cup white sugar, plus 1 tablespoon
2 cups whole milk
2 cups heavy cream
pinch of salt
2 teaspoons vanilla

In a large bowl, combine strawberries, vinegar, and 1 T sugar. Mash with a pastry blender (or similar mashing object) to desired mashed-ness (bigger chunks can get icy and difficult to bite into once frozen) and let sit. 

In a separate bowl, whisk together milk, cream, 3/4 cup sugar, salt, and vanilla. Pour into the ice cream maker, and freeze according to manufacturer's directions. Add the strawberry mixture about half way through the freezing process. 
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