Saturday, November 6, 2010

'Ello Mr. Todd

For Halloween this year, Evan was Sweeney Todd and I was Mrs. Lovett—baker of the worst pies in London… but definitely the best pies in Seattle on Halloween night.

It was kind of weird…upon seeing my costume, everyone guessed that I was Helena Bonham Carter, but they couldn’t guess my character. I guess that’s why I had to hand out mini meat pies (is that squire on the fire? Mercy no sire, if you look closer, you’ll notice it’s a grocer). Don’t worry, it was just ground beef...

I threw together the pies on a really tight deadline (deadline, get it? Dead..line), so they’re semi-homemade and super simple. With more time, a homemade pie crust , puff pastry, or savory shortbread dough would be ideal, but 2 store bought 9-inchs pie dough rounds worked perfectly, and made 24 mini pies (made in a mini cupcake pan). I didn’t write down exactly went into the pies (ahem, that will be Todd and Lovett’s secret), but any delish ground meat mixture will do—like mushrooms, onions, beef, tomato paste, and a little red wine.

Simply roll the dough out a little thinner than it came, cut 24 circles (larger than the circumference of mini cupcake pan cups), and pat them into greased cups. Then fill each one with a little cooked and cooled meat mixture, and top with a smaller dough round with a hole punched in the middle to let it steam. Into a 375 degree oven for 20-30 minutes until golden brown, and there you have it—mini meat pies.

Straight from Sweeney Todd’s barber shop, to Mrs. Lovett’s pie shop, to your home kitchen.
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