Monday, August 2, 2010

Ice Cream and Cake and Cake

Ice cream and cake and cake. Do the ice cream cake. Ice cream and cake and cake.

Those are the lyrics to the most annoying-yet-catchy commercial jingle ever. Baskin Robbins I think. With  dancing robots and dinosaurs that really like ice cream cake. Ever since I told Amanda I was making her an ice cream cake, we've been singing that song... and it's been stuck in our heads non-stop. If you don't know it, you're lucky that it won't be stuck in your head...but you're also kind of missing out, because it's sort of awesome.

My peanut butter ice cream cake was sort of awesome too. I baked a yellow cake (two 8inch rounds), one topped with a peanut caramel mix, and sliced them in half, and froze them. Then I made the frozen peanut butter filling from this pie, plus a dash of cinnamon, sans the bacon. Then I layered them in a spring form pan, topped with more peanuts, and froze. Then I topped them with totally juvenile but completely fabulous happy birthday candles. Then I showed up with the cake at a restaurant with a group of Amanda's friends. Then, as Amanda was leaving happy hour with my co-conspirator Cindy, we stood up from a hidden table and yelled surprise, as Amanda's margarita-addled brain tried to understand what we were doing there. Then, we laughed, and sang, and ate delicious Mexican food. Then we did the ice cream and cake and cake.

And then we danced like robot dinosaurs.
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