Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sexy Ladies Cooking Club

I love to read, and so does my friend and old college roommate Tasha. We both read a variety of books, but I always preferred best-seller type fiction and the kind of books they assign in college English classes, true crime novels, books by cooks, and, I won’t lie… I’ve read a little (ok, a lot) of Stephen King in my day. Tasha, on the other hand, can’t get enough young adult fiction (as in, Twilight), romance, and chick-lit. She once tried to win me over to books with titles like ‘Running in Heels’ and ‘French Kissing’ with a book that talked about food…mixed in with all the cheesy romance. It was called “Spooning, the Cooking Club Divas Turn up the Heat.” The book didn’t get me into chick-lit (sorry, Tash) but it did give me a great idea…cooking club! And thus, Sexy Ladies Cooking Club was born.

Throughout our last few years in college, about 10 of us ladies met up on Thursdays for huge, crazy dinner parties. The girls that hosted would make the main dish, and the rest of the girls would bring appetizers, wine, side dishes, and dessert. The food was always delicious and creative, and the wine was plentiful (hey, we were newly 21). The best part of cooking club, however, was spending time in the kitchen with best friends. The year after college, we tried to maintain weekly dinners, and then monthly dinners, and eventually girls moved away and our schedules all became so different that we were unable to find the time as a group to make cooking club happen. Occasionally, one of us will get a wild hair and send out an invite for an impromptu, scaled down cooking club dinner…which is exactly what happened last week.

Tasha and V are taking cooking classes to ‘master the basics,’ and invited friends over to put their lessons to a test. They prepared an amazing jambalaya recipe from the class—full of smoky ham, sweet shrimp, veggies, and creamy Cajun spiced rice. We devoured it with Lindsey’s spinach bacon salad (also from the cooking class), bread, chocolate chip cookies, and lots of wine.

Nowadays we have jobs, live-in boyfriends, and we’re spread out all across Seattle, but when we get together for cooking club, we still down the wine and laugh hysterically just like we did when we were crazy college kids. Only now, we go to bed earlier…and the food is better. That class must be paying off, because those ladies were chopping and dicing like pros. Move over Cat Cora, the Sexy Ladies are back!


  1. Awesome post - but I may have to take an issue up with the writer on this one. While I'll admit to the occassional chick-lit book and being a Twilight fan (yes, it's sad but true!) I'd have to say I'm not so excited by the romance genre. Sadly, I like to geek out on sci-fi and fantasy more than get my romance on. But sci-fi is cool, right? I'm cool...right? :)

  2. Yes, you are cool! I never wanted to "waste" my time on Fiction because there were so many non-fiction things to learn that would actually apply to life. But then, I joined a book club last year and have proceeded to read a Fiction every month ever since. In my spare time, between finishing my book club books, I fell in love with the Twilight series. I am proud to say I am currently re-reading Eclipse to prepare myself for the movie. Because of the success of our wine club (aka book club), a friend and I just started a cooking club and had our first dinner Saturday. Keep reading and keep on cooking sexy ladies!


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