Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sunday Part 1: Your Own Personal Taco Trailer

Amanda and I had such an eventful, food-filled Sunday that I have to split our adventures into two posts... and I have to wait for photos off of Robb's camera before indulging you in Part 2.

As you know from previous posts, my friend LeAnn is moving away and leaving us. To assist with the big move, LeAnn’s parents drove from South Dakota to Seattle, to help LeAnn and Brian move to Colorado. On Sunday, day before the big day, they were exhausted from traveling, the kitchen was all packed up, and there was a lot more packing and U-Haul loading to go. Amanda and I came to the rescue with a homemade lunch, to give the busy movers a burst of energy. We’re your own personal taco trailer.

LeAnn and Brian are vegetarians, but her parents are Mid-Westerners through and through, and were missing meat after only a few days in Seattle. Parent-pleasing-brown-nosers that we are, Amanda and I whipped up tacos, half with ground beef, half with black beans, all with our delicious guaco de gallo… or pico de guaco… a mix of avocados and our famous pico... (ok, so maybe it’s not famous, but Mel, Amanda, and I have all been making it for years, and we get rave reviews wherever we take it… and people sometimes say it’s the best pico they’ve EVER had…) To make guaco de gallo, mix together avocado, cabbage, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, jalepeno, olive oil, white or cider vinegar, salt, pepper, and cumin to taste... the secret is to make it primarily cabbage based, rather than tomato based.

Armed with trays of tacos, a bag of chips, and a bowl of pico de guaco, we walked over to LeAnn’s (right across the street from my apartment) and served up lunch to the moving crew. Once again, the pico was a HUGE hit, and the tacos were delicious and much appreciated (not to mention the mass kudos we got from LeAnn’s parents for bringing meat). Amanda and I enjoyed helping out a friend, and I’m so used to trying to up-level the taco that I forgot how satisfying a simple ground beef taco can be!

Following the tacos, we brought out the dessert… my second batch of homemade ice cream! Amanda and I made Espresso Caramel Swirl, a creamy coffee flavored ice cream with swirls of gooey butterscotch caramel. It was delicious, even better than the first batch!

After serving up a tasty lunch and dessert, Amanda and I said our goodbyes. Our plan was to spend the afternoon shopping, then head back to her place for dinner- grilled chicken salads- and season 2, disc 2 of Sex and the City...
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